Our Mission

The Women's Chorus of Dallas promotes the strength, diversity, and empowerment of women by performing high quality music to entertain, inspire, and serve the community.

Our Vision

To be a recognized choral group providing musical excellence and contributing positively to the community through entertainment and the support of women's causes. 

United in our mission to embrace diversity, empower women, and increase in number, we will be an integral part of the community to inspire the souls, touch the hearts, and impact the lives of all who come to hear us. 

TWCD means . . .

. . . being empowered by women from all walks of life! The music we make together affirms that there is strength in vulnerability, power in the female experience. 

- Chelle, Alto 1

 . . . being a part of something I love. It is humbling to be part of such a talented group of ladies who are so welcoming and inviting.

- Stormy, Alto 1

 . . .  Confidence, Camaraderie and Time. We meet, inspire, sometimes console each other. The singing - alone, together, or in concert - brings an inner joy I can't describe. 

- Carrie, Alto 1

A brief history

The Women’s Chorus of Dallas is recognized as one of the nation’s finest women’s choruses. Founded in 1989 with an initial membership of 35, the Chorus has grown to a diverse group of 70+ members, performing 3 season concerts each year. 

Artistic Director Melinda Imthurn has led the Chorus for 13 seasons, pioneering its move to the Dallas Arts District and many successful collaborations and outreach events. 

The Chorus produces the Voices of Women event in March with area college and high school singers at Moody Performance Hall, and partners with Texas Discovery Gardens for the May concert series, recording a live album in the Great Hall in 2017.

The Chorus also performs free outreach performances at local social service agencies, bringing the joy of live music to underserved members of the community. 

Once the only chorus in Texas predominantly composed of gay women, TWCD proud of its diverse and welcoming membership for all women, regardless of age, race, or sexual identity. 

Some things we've done

Join us in bringing music to the community